Homeowner Resources

Homeowner Resources

In addition to shared equity investments, a homeowner can also apply for a cash-out refinance. A refi is a terrific option if you have good credit and are able to prove you have a low debt to income ratio. Through a refi, you may be able to lower your interest rates. 


But first, what is a refi? It’s really quite simple. Refinancing means you replace your existing mortgage with a different mortgage ~ one that has lower interest rates, which then can allow you to pay off your first mortgage from the money you receive from your new loan or refi. When you refinance your current mortgage, you’re able to qualify for many benefits. These include borrowing on your home’s equity, getting rid of that pesky mortgage insurance, and the best part, lowering your monthly payments in order to shorten the length of your loan. Now you may be asking yourselves, what is the difference between refinancing and shared equity investing? First and foremost, refinancing is simply getting a loan to replace the loan you already have. 


It can lower your monthly mortgage payments, which is always a good thing. Refinancing erases the debt you own on your current mortgage, which any homeowner would find intriguing. Refinancing also allows you to change the course of your loan. For example, you can refi to get a lower interest rate or choose home improvements. If you choose a shared equity investment, you’re essentially sharing the value of your home with an investor/lender. This means that you will receive a lump sum that you can utilize in any way you wish. 


But if your home increases in value, your shared homeowner-investor reaps the rewards of this as much as you do because you will either sell your home and pay off your shared lender or you can buy them out. The choice is yours. There are advantages in both shared equity investments and refinancing… the hard part is choosing the one you want. Now, if your home needs repair, and let’s face it, most homes need a face life once in a while; you can find the perfect contractor by visiting our website, RebrandedConstruction.com


When you visit our website, you will simply enter your zip code and phone number. That’s it. How simple is that? After you’ve completed this simple task, you just need to wait for a licensed contractor to call you. That’s right. You don’t have to do anything. Our company has a large database that is filled with the names and numbers of contractors who are eagerly waiting to help you fix your homes. All of the contractors are licensed and bonded, so you can trust them. You should hear back from a contractor within a day or two, so keep your phone close by so you don’t miss their call. Once you receive a callback, you simply explain to the contractor what you want to be done; does your roof leak? Tell the contractor. Is there a crack in your ceiling? Tell the contractor. No job is too big or too small.


RebrandedConstruction.com is not a contractor company. We simply match you with local contractors after you provide us with your zip code and phone number. That’s it. Once our company receives your information, we will pass it along to a licensed contractor, who will then call you back with quotes to get you started on any home refurbishing you need. Just to be clear, RebrandedConstruction.com is not a construction company. We are the middle-man. You visit our website, and we find the contractors. So, if you’ve got some home repairs that you’ve been aching to get done, visit our website, enter your zip and phone number and get comfortable because soon, you will receive calls from contractors who are ready and willing to get started on whatever project you have.

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